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Things To Avoid When Learning To Speak English

Learning to speak fluent English takes practice. Every day we meet students who try to speak fluent English and who, for various reasons, cannot achieve fluency. As we said before, speaking English is difficult but simple. At Speechify, we believe fluency in English is only possible with consistent spoken English practice.

The most important aspect of learning any new skill is to have the right mindset! Here we list common mistakes we observe in our students' learning journeys.

Let go of negative thoughts!

Mental muscle to keep negativity at bay is something we all need to inculcate, and it shouldn't be limited to just learning to speak a new language. It is said that if we nurture an optimistic mindset, we win half the battle. Whenever you feel overwhelmed in your learning journey, take a deep breath, admit that things are tough, but keep going! Having a learning partner can also be very helpful.

Be consistent !

We've said this before, and we still stand by the simplest success mantra for achieving English fluency. Fluency in English is only possible with consistent spoken English practice. Continuous progress from day to day will set the momentum right.

Keep things simple !

When we try fancy programs, most things fail in practice. Your learning lessons should be simple and actionable. Your commitment to learning should include clear and precise methods. Reading the newspaper aloud for your daily lessons, talking to a friend about your day, etc. Define simple tasks such as Speechify also offers free study materials to help you with your homework.

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