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  • Want to practice your English speaking skills?

  • Need support in building your resumé or preparing for a job interview?


Sign up to our mobile application "Strong Girls - Guclu Kizlar" and connect with a volunteer tutor who can help you via an online platform, no matter what your English level is!

How does the process work for me?

Step-by-step Guide to the app

  • Download the “Strong Girls - Guclu Kizlar” application on iOS or Android.

  • Turn on app notifications.

  • Register as a student.

  • Your availability status appears in your local time zone. The time zone is set based on your phone's physical location.

  • Send a message to an available volunteer under 'Volunteers' tab, wait for a few days, the app will automatically match you when the volunteer responds.

  • If the volunteer does not respond after a few days, you can cancel the request and message another volunteer. For this, you need to press 'cancel the request' on the messaging screen. 

  • It is entirely your responsibility to organize and follow the lessons!

  • Chat with the volunteer on the app and decide how you will conduct your lessons (eg Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime etc.)

  • You need to set individual lessons in your volunteer's calendar.

  • After each lesson, you must mark the previous lesson as 'completed' so that you can book the next lesson.

  • You will both receive an email with lesson details, the time in the email and on your calendar is your local time zone.

  • After completion of lesson 5, you will receive a message asking if you would like to write a review [we would appreciate your review!]; please write a review for other students to benefit from your experience.

  • Your review will be on the homepage of the mobile application and may also be posted on social media platforms according to the Strong Girls privacy policy. If you do not accept that, please do NOT write a review.

  • The volunteer's commitment to you is for 10 lessons.

  • After completing 10 lessons, you can send a request to the same or another volunteer.

  • You can unmatch any time from your volunteer, and the volunteer can too. To do this, simply press the red 'Unmatch' on the messaging screen.

  • Have any questions or feedback? You can send a direct message (DM) to @bizguclukizlariz Instagram account or send an e-mail to


K.K., Adana - Turkey

I passed the prep class thanks to Tracy’s support. I was not able to speak in English much before I met her. I am now improving my English conversation skills thanks to her patience and support. 

N.Ü.Ö, Bursa - Turkey

I have been trying to improve my English for many years. My volunteer Nese, whom I met thanks to Strong Girls program, has become both a great teacher and an elderly sister for me. 

A.U., İzmir - Turkey

My volunteer's incredibly beautiful energy and friendly attitude makes me want to talk about any topic with her without any hesitation.

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