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The Importance of Speaking Practice in the English Learning Process

Undoubtedly, speaking is the most difficult stage in the reading, listening, writing and speaking stages, which are grammar and basic skills in the English learning process. Since the process of learning and teaching English in our country is grammatical, unfortunately, the necessary importance is not given to these four skills, especially to improving speaking skills. However, the main way to keep the learned language alive is through speaking practice, and its importance is not understood until you have to speak English with a foreigner.

So, how important is English speaking practice and how necessary are English speaking courses?

As we mentioned, because English education is grammar-focused and opportunities to practice speaking English are limited, many people falter and fail when it comes to using English orally, which leaves them feeling insecure about speaking English.

We learn a language the most in order to speak that language. If we do not practice speaking, the grammar and vocabulary learned are easily forgotten, so all the work we do to memorize English words, all the time we spend learning the time is partially wasted.

How can you practice speaking English?

Although the opportunities to practice speaking are more limited, it is not as difficult as it used to be. If there are no people around you that you can speak English with, you can benefit from the Internet and social media. Social platforms, forums and groups with many foreign people are available on the internet, on these platforms you can meet foreigners and practice speaking English (even in other languages ​​if you wish).

Apart from these options, there are online language courses that allow people to practice speaking English. As one of these online English courses, Educall offers you the opportunity to practice speaking English with experienced and foreign instructors who call you from different parts of the world at any time you want, and at the same time closely monitors your progress and education process in the presence of Turkish consultants.

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