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The Strong Girls Platform: Join us now!

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Do you think English can be learned by speaking practice? The answer is ‘yes’ & with Strong Girls!

Hello, I'm Defne, the founder of the Strong Girls program. I am a high school student and live in Zurich.

~20 percent of the world's approximately 7.8 billion population speaks English, and the majority of them are not native speakers. Besides being widely spoken, English is by far the most learned foreign language in the world. English is a subject that I know very well and that I can support others with.

I founded the Strong Girls program in May 2019 to help Turkish girls improve their English speaking skills, find jobs more easily, and lead a more independent and successful life. There are currently over 500 members in the program and we continue to grow every day.

The program brings together volunteers and Turkish female students for free online English speaking practice. The program and the match take place through a mobile application. The mobile application is available on the App Store and Google Play under the name "Strong Girls".

What motivates me?

The feedback from students and volunteers is extremely positive, new members are joining us every day and this motivates me to make even more efforts. The positive feedback we receive, the success stories, and the progress students have made encourage me to grow this program and help more girls.

Were there any difficulties?

Too much!

When we first started the program, we were trying to meet the demands coming from our website by manually matching students and volunteers, but we soon realized that we could not advance the program in this way. We, therefore, developed a mobile application and moved the program there. Of course, we also had problems with the mobile application at first, however, we improved it with the feedback from the users and made it much easier to use.

If you have any problems, you can always reach me by sending a direct message (DM) from @bizguclukizlariz Instagram account or by sending an e-mail to

Join us, register as a student or volunteer in the mobile application!! ☺

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