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The 4 Most Effective Ways to Learn English Vocabulary Easily

Have you just started learning English and are lacking in vocabulary? Or are you preparing for exams and need to quickly enrich your vocabulary?

In this article, I will tell you about 4 ways how you can learn vocabulary more effectively and easily, and how you can make these words more permanent.

1. By Reading

Reading is very important in learning English. Especially in today's technology age, access to all kinds of resources is at our fingertips with a single click. By making use of these opportunities, we have the opportunity to read about any subject from any source. You can read magazines, stories or online novels if you want. In this way, you not only learn new information, but also encounter words that you do not know or have seen, and you have the opportunity to learn and work on them.

2. By Watching Videos

If you wish, you can easily use this learning method that appeals to both the eye and the ear, with the English videos you will watch apart from the letters and texts that appeal to your eyes through reading. You have an unlimited number of resources at your disposal on every subject. You can watch these videos with or without subtitles, depending on your level. By activating the subtitle tracking feature, you can easily see and learn the words you do not know.

3. Watching Foreign Movies/Series

If you want to learn a culture, the language and words used in that culture in the easiest way, but you cannot go to the country where that language is spoken -for now-, watching foreign movies is just for you! You can experience that culture from where you sit at home! All you have to do is identify a genre you are interested in and do some research. Before you start watching, you can take a notebook and write down the words you catch and then do the necessary research. Before long, you will see how your vocabulary has been enriched without even realizing it.

4. By Doing Research In Your Field Of Interest

Knowledge learned fondly is not easily forgotten. Likewise, the permanence of the English words you learn as a result of the research you love will be indisputable. For example, if you are interested in music, you can do research on foreign songs. Along with the songs, the new words you learn about the singers will lead you to more curiosity and the new curiosities that will follow will lead you to learn new information. You just pick an area of ​​interest and immerse yourself in that sea. You won't believe the result :)

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