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Should We Speak British English or American English?

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

English is the mother tongue of around 500 million people around the world. Of these, about 75 million speak British English, 370 million speak American English, and 30 million speak Australian and New Zealand English. It is clear that American English has numerical superiority.

Which is More Difficult?

Unfortunately, there is no scientifically accurate answer to this question. Some find American English, others British English difficult and incomprehensible. There are those who make comments such as "smooth, unintelligible, very free, fast" about American English, and there are those who make comments such as "closed, squeamish, incomprehensible" about British English. It is impossible to scientifically prove or refute all these evaluations.

Which One Should We Choose?

In my opinion, it is in all respects that they concentrate on the more common and dominant American English. On the other hand, no matter which variety one concentrates on, mixing two variations should be carefully avoided.

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