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How to Develop Listening Skills with English Songs?

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Music is a universal language. Sometimes, even if we don't understand the words of the song we are listening to, we feel the message it wants to give. The songs we listen to every day on social media, television, and radio can help us improve our English.

By listening to foreign songs; you can better understand pronunciation rules, learn grammar rules and improve your speaking skills. There are some important details that you need to pay attention to in order to gain these abilities. These important details are as follows:

  1. Choosing the right song!

It is very important to choose a song according to the style of music you like, but if your purpose in listening to songs is to improve your foreign language, you should set aside the genre and choose a genre that you can listen to easily.

5 ways to choose the right song:

  1. It is important to prefer songs with slow rhythms for easier following.

  2. It is important that the words are fluent and the pronunciation is understandable.

  3. Frequent repetitions in choruses can be more effective.

  4. His words should be in everyday language, care should be taken not to have a heavy language.

  5. Besides loving the lyrics, it is also important that you love the rhythm of the song.

2. Writing the Lyrics of the Song on a Paper

You can find the lyrics of the song on the internet and search the words you don't know from the dictionary and write them in your notebook. Thus, you will both learn new words and understand how these words are used in sentences.

3. Listening to the Song in a Noise Free Environment

While listening to the song, pay attention to the quiet environment. If there are people around you who will distract you, try to stay away from them and focus completely on the song.

4. Turning Up The Volume And Trace The Words On The Paper

Turn up the volume and try to understand and hear every word. It's important not to overdo it here. Listening too loud or too low can distract you and negatively affect learning.

Listen to the song frequently after providing the appropriate ambient conditions. Make sure to listen to this song while cooking, driving, or walking during the day.

5. Accompanying by Listening, Without Looking at the Words

After the repetitions made by looking, now try to follow only by listening. Do not stress while doing this, try to enjoy the song. Have fun and even dance.

When you listen to the above details, English songs will soon improve your listening and speaking skills and expand your vocabulary.

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