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Let's Listen to the Strong Girls Program from Students and Volunteers !

"What is the Empowered Girls Program? What did the volunteers and students gain from this program, what did they contribute? Don't forget to check out our article for more!"

The Strong Girls program brings together volunteers and Turkish female students for free online English speaking practice. The program and the match take place via a mobile application. The mobile application is available on the App Store and Google Play under the name "Strong Girls".

We currently have more than 650 members in the program and we continue to grow every day.

Over the last few years, the feedback I've received about the program has always motivated me. Positive feedback from our users has led me to work harder and reach more young women.

I am not a teacher, can I volunteer?

One of the questions I get the most is, "I'm not a teacher, can I volunteer?" it happened. The answer is absolutely yes! Since the classes are about speaking English, people of all ages who speak English but have no teaching experience can volunteer in the program and help a young woman achieve her dreams.

I observe that our students in the program experience the initial reservations we experience when learning a foreign language. Even though they have good knowledge of grammar, they are hesitant to speak. One of the best contributions of the program is that these reservations gradually disappear when we teach with our volunteers and students start to speak English with confidence.

What is this picture?

Our volunteer Tracy Molho student H.T. with online lessons.

In this article, I would like to share the comments from our students and volunteers with you.

K.K. (Student): "A wonderful person came into my life thanks to the Power Girls. Every minute that Tracy spends with me is very precious to me. My major is 100 percent English, I had a hard time in the prep class. Thanks to Tracy's support, I succeeded. Before I met her, I almost never did. I couldn't speak English, I'm improving myself with her patience and support. Thank you to all the Strong Girls team for giving us this opportunity!"

AU (Student): "I am more motivated to learn English thanks to this program. I recommend the Strong Girls app to all my friends."

B.B. (Student): "When I saw Power Girls on social media, I noticed because they were offering a free platform to practice speaking English. I realized how doing this practice with a native speaker improved me. That's why I recommend it to many students."

T.M. (Volunteer): "I am so happy to be a part of the Strong Girls project! We have been giving regular lessons with Kadriye for over a year. During this time, Kadriye successfully passed the university preparation exam. Although we do not have the opportunity to meet face to face, being able to touch someone's life is too precious for me to describe in words. I am very happy to be able to help her get one step closer to her dreams by sharing my knowledge with Kadriye. A big thank you to all the Strong Girls team for giving us this platform!”

AA. (Volunteer): "Joining the Strong Girls was a very satisfying experience for me. I meet strong, intelligent girls from all over Turkey. I have had five students so far and I am currently actively tutoring two students. Both of my students are intelligent. , determined and bright young ladies. It's such a pleasure to be able to make a positive impact on their lives while getting to know them and learning from them at the same time. Thank you to the Empowered Girls for providing such an empowering platform!"

Come join us, start improving your English right now!

I would love to see you among us, especially with the closure of schools in the summer months, and to help you increase your English skills by using this platform.

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