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It's in Your Hands to Make Learning English Enjoyable!

''We all know the difficult process of learning a new language. In this article, we have explained how we make language learning enjoyable. Remember, everything is in your hands. Happy reading!''

It's up to you to make learning English fun and easy by adopting a few regular habits!

Learning a new language is difficult for all of us, you have to admit that! While grammar, sentence and word structure are difficult at the beginning, speaking later can be difficult for us. No matter how many words we memorize and know the sentence structures, putting them together and understanding someone who speaks fluently is another matter. Speaking is the most difficult of all, I think, words and sentences can't come out of our mouths while they are circulating in our brains. Despite all this, we continue to move forward on this path by motivating ourselves with our logic and determination, starting from a language and a human word. The more we read, listen, speak and understand, the more we begin to enjoy that language. Especially when this language is English, the doors it opens in front of us are worth the effort.

In this article, I will share with you some tips that will make it easier to learn English, they helped me a lot while learning a foreign language, I hope you will find it useful too.

Vocabulary Book

Because I love stationery shopping, perhaps my favorite part of the vocabulary notebook is the receiving part. I start by buying a small notebook in my favorite color so that it is easy to carry with me. I make a list of words and phrases that I come across frequently, and note down every new word I hear or see. When I have time, I find the synonyms and the sentences in which they are used and add them to the list.

The cat doesn't always die of curiosity :)

Curiosity is actually an extremely useful thing when learning a language. I don't just read sentences to understand, I question why they are used that way. If it's used in a particular pattern, I'm looking for other uses. Not content with the first answer I found online, I'm doing more research. During this research, I learn other things than what I usually look for. In this way, I learn both new phrases and new words without noticing and getting bored.

English chats

I think speaking is irreplaceable when learning the language. I think I learned a lot, even if I made mistakes as I tried to speak. If possible, I try to practice with someone who speaks the language well. If it is not possible, I am talking to myself in the mirror or in an environment where no one can hear :). When I was learning English, there was no such program around, but now the Strong Girls program comes into play for you: I suggest you become a member and take the opportunity to practice your English for free with volunteer "teachers"!

For more information about the program, you can check our @bizguclukizlariz Instagram account or our website

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