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Is it possible to learn English by myself?

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

English language concepts you can learn on your own

How do we speak our mother tongue? Our learning begins from an early stage, when we are just babies. There is no active effort on our part, our parents and elders encourage us to assimilate only through exposure and practice.

We stuttered, stuttered, and practiced pronunciations thousands of times to imitate how our elders pronounced words. If you think about it, even your vocabulary is all the words you've heard being said to you around you. These are all non-verbal cues that guide us to achieve fluency in our mother tongue. Such non-verbal cues can help us learn several languages, not just English. Now let's learn about three basic English concepts that you can learn on your own.

English listening skills- It may seem surprising, but being a good listener is the first step to learning any language. By listening carefully, you can observe a variety of accents, word pronunciations, facial expressions, and body language. These observations have a profound impact on how you communicate with others, how you express yourself, and how you learn through how others conduct themselves.

• Surround yourself with native English speakers

• Watch movies, songs and other broadcasts in English

• Use free Youtube resources to learn word pronunciations

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