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Improve your English with Negotiation

By negotiating once a week, your English will improve very fast!

Why Negotiate?

One of the best ways to improve English is to talk to other people. Any language is greatly advanced by speaking. Only by making mistakes can we improve our grammar, and negotiation is a good solution for that.

We are negotiating for our students on our Strong Girls platform. We accept the first 4 people who share on our Instagram page and write to us. Next week, we are negotiating for 30-45 minutes.

What is being done in negotiation?

Negotiation takes between 30-45 minutes and we are discussing a topic. Two people are arguing for one side of the issue, and the other two are for the other side.

Our first conversation was "Social Media Improves Human Communication". Two people were advocating this issue and were speaking to their own opinions. Two other people were also opposed.

Our second discussion was "There is Life Outside of Earth". We did this with the system we used in the first negotiation.

Did Our Students Like It?

The feedback we received was very positive and our students said that they liked it and that this way they improved their English. With this feedback, we decided to continue our negotiations.

How can I join?

You can follow our Instagram and check out our new posts. We share about our program every two days and we share about the negotiation on Instagram.

If you have any problems, you can reach us at or via Instagram DM (direct message).

Come join in! Download the 'Strong Girls - Strong Girls' application from Google Play or AppStore, register as a student or volunteer!


Play Store: Strong Girls - Guclu Kizlar - Apps on Google Play

Appstore: Strong Girls - Guclu Kizlar on the App Store (

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