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How to Choose English Reading Passages?

Appropriate selection of reading passages contributes greatly to the development of English reading skills. If the English reading passages are not chosen well, the expected benefit from the exercises will not be achieved, and it will also cause some other negative effects for the students. Chief among these are feelings of failure and frustration. This frustration can sometimes reach the level of hating English.

Texts that are difficult in terms of grammar or that contain many unknown words, even if not difficult, annoy and distract the student. It makes it difficult for him to understand the text as a whole, and it also causes him to feel a failure.

In the context of the selection of reading texts, it is worth emphasizing another very important point. More care should be taken when determining the level of English storybooks used for children. It should not be forgotten that most of the English storybooks published abroad are actually addressed to children whose mother tongue is English and their levels are determined accordingly. In other words, a significant part of these storybooks was written to help children who already speak English as their mother tongue acquire the habit of reading and increase their psychomotor skills. English-native children listening to that story establish a relationship between words and pictures, develop their speaking skills by using their imaginations with the encouragement of their teachers and acquire the moral values ​​that are tried to be given in the book.

Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate whether some of the words and expressions in such storybooks are really necessary for a Turkish-speaking English student at that stage. This, like many other things, is something that is overlooked in Turkey.

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