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How is ''Reading Skill'' Improved?

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

You know that the most important point to do reading exercises is to choose the most appropriate texts. So, what should we pay attention to in order to get the most benefit from reading exercises? In other words, how to study reading?

You should enrich your vocabulary!

The most important issue for someone who wants to learn English while practicing reading should be constantly trying to learn English words. You should always be alert while reading. You should mark the words you do not know, look at their meanings at the first time you encounter them, understand well which of the meanings given in the dictionary for a word you see in the reading text corresponds to that word in the dictionary, pay attention to how that word is used in the sentence in the text, learn its pronunciation well, compare the sentence in the text with the sentence examples given in the dictionary.

You should learn the use of written English!

Your second most important goal when practicing reading should be to learn the use of written English. So, what is written English? Written English is to pay attention to the use of previously learned grammatical information in texts, sentence patterns, and expression features. Therefore, you should learn how to use words, phrases, and phrases in sentences, including words whose meaning you already know.

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