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How Important Is It To Know Many Words In English?

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

The building blocks of all languages ​​are words. No language can exist without words. The more words you know, including your native language, the wider your vocabulary will be, and the better you can express yourself both verbally and in writing.

Vocabulary is enriched in both mother tongue and foreign language only by reading and listening. The use of words in the vocabulary is through writing and speaking. Therefore, it is technically not possible to do writing and speaking unless the vocabulary is increased through reading and listening.

All this is also very valid in the process of learning English as a foreign language. It is essential that you know enough English words to be able to understand what you are reading. Adequate vocabulary is even more important to be able to understand what you are listening to. Because, while reading, you can learn unknown words by looking at dictionaries, but especially in real life, if there are too many words that you do not understand while listening, it will result in an annoying situation such as not understanding anything of what the other person is saying.

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