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How Can We Think in English When Speaking English?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

To think in English means; When speaking and writing the language, it means taking into account only the linguistic features of English in all areas such as stress, intonation, word choice, use of expressions, saying verbs, using idioms, and proverbs, considering the cultural and historical background.

1. You need to be aware of the differences!

2. Remember that idioms and proverbs are different !

We feel the differences between the two languages ​​mostly in idioms.

3. You should pay attention to cultural differences!

The cultural background of English and Turkish is completely different. There are different cultural codes in these two languages ​​in various respects, especially for religious and historical reasons.

4. The similarities can sometimes surprise you!

Despite all these differences, sometimes surprising similarities can be found between Turkish and English.

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