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Don't know where to start speaking English? Here is the complete English learning guide for you!

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Step 1- Where should you start?

Beginner English - The focus here should be on learning, improving and enriching English vocabulary.

Step 2- How to improve conversational English?

Intermediate English - After keeping up with English vocabulary, the main focus should be on being proficient in English grammar and gradually navigating your way to communicating with at least basic conversational English, if not fluently. This is the most difficult step, as English word pronunciations and intonations require consistent practice.

Step 3- How to improve English reading, writing and listening skills?

Advanced English - Once you can communicate with others in basic or fluent English, now is the time to further improve your English reading and writing skills. Reading and writing in English comes easily to most students, the emphasis at this stage is on working on listening skills, the most important skill required for effective communication.

Step 4- Long-term habits for fluent English speaking

By now, you are already a pro! But no matter how fluently you speak English, there is always more to learn! Like any skill, you will need consistency to remember English basics and keep up with your education!

Now that you know what each of these 4 steps are, let's dive deep and figure out how you can make each obstacle simpler.

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