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Comments From Our Volunteers and Students III

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

A.U., Student / İzmir, Turkey

I am a final-year civil engineering student. I want to improve myself in my field and learning English is very important for me at this stage.

Thanks to the Strong Girls application, I met Zeynep D. We worked together regularly for 10 weeks. She encouraged me to speak English. Thanks to his feedback, I identified my shortcomings more easily and supported myself in grammar issues that I was lacking. Thanks to this program, I am more motivated to learn English. I recommend the Strong Girls app to all my friends.

T.M., Volunteer / Istanbul, Turkey

“I am very happy to be a part of the Strong Girls project. ''

We have been doing regular lessons with Kadriye for over a year. During this time, Kadriye successfully passed the university preparation exam. Although we do not have the opportunity to meet face to face, being able to touch someone's life is too meaningful and valuable for me to be able to describe in words. I am very happy to be able to help her get one step closer to her dreams by sharing my knowledge with Kadriye. I would like to thank all the Strong Girls team for offering us this platform.

T.K., Student / Istanbul , Turkey

I am very happy with both the Strong Girls program and my volunteer!

The lessons are as enjoyable as they are educational. Volunteers have full command of English and they do all kinds of help and sacrifices to transfer it to us. Thanks to the fun conversations and activities we had in the lessons, I speak English much more fluently and with courage.

Strong Girls is a program that I would recommend to everyone without hesitation!

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