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5 Simple Ways To Improve English Vocabulary

How to develop English vocabulary?

The English language has a large number of words. All words, simple or complex, can be replaced by alternative words that vary in their meaning to varying degrees. But how can I learn all these words? It seems like a difficult task. Right!

As hard as it may sound, once we start following an easy pattern of learning words, memorizing and using them is a walk in the park. It's great when words change the sound form of a sentence. It makes a huge impact on your English speaking and writing skills. Here are 10 ways to improve your English vocabulary. As Speechify, we have been trying to improve our students' vocabulary and speaking skills in our oral English classes for the last five years. Our online English teachers have largely understood what works and what doesn't. These easy ways come straight to you from the teacher's desk, who is a student just like you. These are tried and tested.

1. Keep a diary

He should keep a diary or notebook to jot down any word or phrase we learn and want to use in the future. Writing this in a journal will be very helpful for later reference. Write all words and phrases neatly.

Divide your diary into two parts, words and phrases. Categorize words by their first letter or other familiar themes. This will help you easily find and find words when needed. When writing a word, also write a meaningful sentence with it as it will remind you how to use it effortlessly.

2. Read a lot and be curious

People with a daily reading habit usually have a better vocabulary. No shortcuts here. You should try to read as much as possible in English. Be curious about new words you come across. Never proceed without finding the meaning of a word or phrase that you are unaware of. Your reading speed will be slow at first. But over time, you'll develop a terrific vocabulary.

3. Create a Pinterest board

For those who don't know about Pinterest, it's a website where you can find a wealth of information on everything from life hacks to hacking. You can find anything and everything under one roof.

It is a very useful tool for improving English vocabulary as you can see them in picture form, relate to them and pin them to the board. So, create a board for yourself on Pinterest, pin all your favorite words and phrases you find on Pinterest, give your board a nice name. Keep it private or share with people. You can refer to these pins at any time.

4. Highlight words while reading

To improve your English vocabulary, you should always emphasize a new word or a phrase that comes across it. This is cardinal as it helps preserve the word and also look at how it is used in a sentence. Always write the meaning above the word. Even if one has read the novel a hundred times, one can always open the novel and refresh the word bank. This hack can be applied to some nice expressions you come across in the novel. This is the best way to absorb the nectar of the book.

5. Google synonym

When you think your vocabulary isn't enough to sustain the language world, just look no further at Google. Every time you say a very common word, try searching for it synonymously, which will instantly change the sound of your sentence.


  • She played an important role in the drama.

  • She played an indispensable role in the drama

Look, these sentences are similar in meaning, but how the word indispensable gives the sentence a new look.

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