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4 Ways to Improve Your English Skill

Speaking fluent English is the dream of many. But although there are many free resources available online, many of us cannot speak fluent English. In this article, we'll explain how you can improve your English speaking and other skills using free resources and online English courses.

There are four aspects to learning any language; Listening, Reading in other words “input” and Speaking, Writing in other words “output”. Striking a balance between Input and Output is the key to success in mastering a language. In this context, the input will be learning new words, word types, expressions, while the output will be the practical application of these inputs, either written or spoken. In an other saying; To be successful in writing and speaking English, we need to focus on both inputs and outputs.

The internet environment and learning english online is the best place to work on inputs and outputs. Learning English online provides the opportunity to learn anything, from anywhere, at any time.

Here are some points on how you can make your English learning effective with the help of the internet.

1. Reading English Online

The Internet is the best place to read the content of your choice. Newspapers, scientific articles, entertainment blogs, sports reviews. whatever you love. Try to make sure you're reading from a source with quality English content. Download free e-book applications such as Aldiko, Kindle, Google Play Book and start reading books and novels on various subjects. Reading helps improve your speaking ability because reading familiarizes you with the target language. You can even try services like Speeder to improve your skills and increase your reading speed.

2. English Listening

If reading isn't something you really enjoy, try other digital content like audiobooks and podcasts. Try websites like Audible,, which have excellent online and offline audio content. You can even try subscribing to podcast services from various news media and listening to online radio from BBC World service. Listening to quality content not only helps you with pronunciation, but also helps you understand how to use certain words. Try to listen and repeat. Focus on expressions, not words, and try to understand how different expressions are used in different contexts.

3. Watch English Content

This is a fun way to learn! Watch English media content, including movies and TV series. Platforms such as Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, TED Talks offer a variety of English media content. You can also try live news from the BBC World service. Find and watch subtitled content. To get started, read the subtitles while watching the content. Pay attention to the words, sentences and context in which they are used. Notice how certain phrases are emphasized in a sentence, depending on the context.

4. Sing in English

If you are not interested in reading books or watching movies, you can try this option. This has proven effective for some people. Listen to your favorite songs, download lyrics from Google and repeat the song along with you as the song plays. You can also use sites such as Youtube and Smule. Great for learning English songs, learning new words and expressions!

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