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3 Netflix Drama Series to Improve Your English !

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

We all like to watch TV series. Drama series in particular affect our emotions deeply. So, what do you watch to learn English while watching TV series?

In this list, you will find serials where we can make you feel like we are experiencing the events ourselves.

If the wipes are ready, let's start with our first series!


Growing up in crime, drama and horror will keep you excited while learning the extent of this successful production. Although the variety of words used in the series is high; Slow narration so that you can understand the conversations will be very useful for those who like English series.


Even if it is a series about the life of the criminal Pablo Escobar, you will not affect all the emotions of all the characters while watching, it is suitable for you to practice English in simple language.


Breaking Bad tells the adventure of Walter White in a very dramatic and understandable language. With its story, it is almost the kind that will not put you in your seat.

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