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4 Foreign Words Transferred to English from Other Languages

English is a very rich language in terms of vocabulary. Many words from other world languages ​​that have been translated into English are also found in this language. In this article, I will share with you 4 interesting words that English borrows from other languages.


You may know that the word algebra comes from the Arabic language. The term derives its name from the Arab mathematician Al-Khwarizmi's work Al-Jabr-al-muqabala (Jabr v'el Muqabala). The direct translation of the term from Arabic is “combining broken pieces”.


In the Middle Ages, the word damage was used for gambling. This word, of Old French origin, gained a more abstract meaning over time and began to express events and events in life. The English, on the other hand, used the word to mean "risk" and "danger".

3. Hoosegow

Most of us have not heard this slang word before. Hoosegow, meaning prison, is thought to come from the Mexican word juzgao. Juzgao means court. The Spanish word juzgar means "to condemn".

4. Tarantula

The word "Tarantolo" in Italian means "from Taranto". Taranto is a city in northern Italy famous for its wolf spider (a spider from the suborder Entelegynae of the order Araneomorph). We call these spiders "tarantula" in English today.

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