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4 Documentary Suggestions to Improve Your Children's English!

Can't get your kids off the TV? Then how can you sit in front of the TV with them and let them learn English?

We have made a list of documentaries that are supported by Turkish subtitles and contain very different fantastic topics, helping your children to learn while having fun.

Our most popular documentary, "Plant Earth", is at the top of our list.


Are you ready to explore the planet without getting tired? If your answer is yes, this documentary is just for you, making our planet fascinate once again with deserts, oceans, caves and many other places.

Moreover, it has a very comfortable expression opportunity with daily English spoken language. It is also an impressive documentary with its gripping and most importantly sad story.


This 40-minute short documentary is ideal for instilling a love of animals and empathy in children.


The Story of Stuff is a short documentary produced in 2007, supported by animation.

You will find yourself in a fun story with your children.


Are your children very curious, then this documentary is just for them, where do the chocolates come from? Why should I brush my teeth? It will instill curiosity in your children with some sections such as, and then it will turn into an entertainment for these curious little ones.

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