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3 Series That Will Make You Learn English With Fun!

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

How about learning English with fun? If your answer is yes, you are definitely in the right place. Developing your vocabulary alone is not enough to improve your English speaking. In addition, you should be familiar with the language structure and learn the rules well. So how can you do all of this in a fun way?

Of course, you can improve your English speaking by watching English movies and TV series. We have compiled 3 series for you that you will love to watch. Here are those TV shows that will hook you on the screen and help you improve your English speaking:

1. Suits

Level: Upper Intermediate

The series, which is about leadership and justice in the world of law and business, hooks the audience with its fun and exciting plot.

Due to the technical terms used extensively in the series and the cleverly constructed language of the series, we strongly recommend that you have a notebook with you while watching. If you are thinking of entering the business world or aiming to expand abroad, this series will contribute a lot to your English.

2. Stranger Things

Level: Lower Intermediate

A girl with telekinetic powers helps her friends find a missing boy and then struggles with different forces that try to destroy them, from a mysterious government organization to dark forces.

The series of short and highly understandable dialogues will definitely make a positive contribution to the improvement of your English.

3. The Americans

Level: Advanced

"The Americans", a drama about the infiltration of specially trained KGB agents into the country like US citizens during the Cold War, is adapted to the screens from the notes of a real KGB agent, Vasili Mitrojin.

Since the series is based on historical facts and has an extremely large English vocabulary, it is a great resource for both improving your English speaking and learning about the events that took place at that time.

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