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3 Olympic Sports and Their English Versions

Updated: Aug 28

339 events in 33 sports, 11 thousand athletes from 205 countries… The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is in full swing and attracts the excited eyes of millions. The organization, which was postponed for a year due to the coronavirus, is progressing with strict measures. The Olympics bring many people from different corners of the world together around common feelings and continue to be a hot topic of conversation wherever you go.


Agree, it's a bit of a tiring word to spell. It may take a breather and a few more glances. Of course, this applies to ordinary mortals like us, we are sure that it is child's play for Olympic athletes who have won a total of 9 medals in Turkey.


A word that is the same in Turkish and English. It comes from the combination of the Japanese words ju and do, meaning “the teaching of kindness”.

This defense sport does justice to its name when compared to others. Hand and foot kicks and blows remain in the background, and are even completely prohibited in Olympic matches. Rather, the aim is to grasp the opponent and neutralize it with the right techniques and lay it on the mat.


Athletics, one of the oldest known organized sports competition branches, was the basis of the Ancient Greek Olympic Games held in 776 BC. The word derives from the root "athlos" meaning competition from this period and has reached today's languages. The word athletics is used especially for the branch consisting of walking, running, jumping and throwing.

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