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3 Impressive Books to Improve Your English!

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Vocabulary is the most important step in learning English. Unfortunately, it is not possible to learn English without learning the words well. One of the most effective ways to learn vocabulary is to jump into the word pool without fear. The more often you look up the meaning of words in the dictionary or the internet and make it a habit, the more fluent you will be in English. However, when reading books, you should definitely choose books that are either at your level or one-click below your level. If you do not know your level, you can learn by answering a few questions on the internet and then read the books we have carefully selected for you below.

1. African Safari Adventures/ Thomas Walsh (Basic Level)

Perfect for those interested in adventurous books!

Volunteer doctor and nurse at a hospital in Uganda; They organize safaris to Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Things start to get interesting from here. Don't let the complexity of the events in this book, which is very simple and fluent to read, scare you, it is a masterpiece that you can easily understand and enjoy. With this book, you will both learn about new places and improve your English.

2. Frankenstein / Mary Shelley (Intermediate)

It is one of the scariest stories in history. The book tells the story of the monster that a scientist named Victor Frankenstein created by combining parts from corpses. The monster seeks love and acts kindly at first, but later learns about human hatred.

It is a work that those who love the thriller genre will not put down!

3. Great Expectations / Charles Dickens (Advanced)

The book Great Expectations, written by Charles Dickens, which brings the difficult living conditions in the mining villages of 19th century England to our day, tells the story of Pip's meeting with the beautiful Estella and falling in love with her.

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