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2 Great Apps to Learn and Practice English

In addition to Strong Girls,with the development of technology, you can now improve your English everywhere and in any environment. Thanks to smartphone applications, you can increase your English level further than you imagine with daily 5-10 minutes of repetitions.

1. Duolingo

It is a free language training program. It is a game-like language training supplement and application, which includes translation, pronunciation and write what you hear tests. All lessons are made fun with games. The application, which consists of visual, audio and written tests, helps you improve yourself on a subject-based basis. You can use the application for free on your phone on Android and IOS.

2. Voscreen

Voscreen is a fun application for English speakers of different levels. It helps to improve your English with short videos of different movies and animations. You can listen to the videos and see their translations. You are asked to translate the scene played in the video, and if you answer correctly, you earn points.

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