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2 Funny Youtube Channels for Those Who Want to Learn English

Social media tools occupy a very important place in the English learning process. One of these important tools is undoubtedly Youtube! You can easily access thousands of English channels with one click. We have compiled 3 Youtube channels to support you, which one should you choose among so many options.

1.Charles The French

Charles The French is owned by two friends: Charles and his friend Tada. Specifically, they shoot and publish very entertaining short videos on any subject you can think of about university life. They add subtitles to their videos, but I can say that they can be understood even without subtitles.


The concept of the FBE channel is to make people of different age groups react to them by watching videos in various fields. One of the most important features of the channel is that each video is broadcast with subtitles. Thus, you can follow the conversations easily thanks to the subtitles. I'm sure you can find quite entertaining content on the channel. Especially the children's reactions are worth watching :)

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