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Using a Dictionary Effectively!

One of the biggest challenges when trying to learn English is the correct use of a dictionary. It is very important to know which dictionary to use most effectively.

The debate over whether online dictionaries or traditional print dictionaries are more useful seems to be a thing of the past for most people. Of course, there is no obstacle in front of those who prefer the book to the internet, and those who are accustomed to learning by touching the book, to apply to traditional dictionaries. However, we can say that many students now prefer online dictionaries due to their ease of use, audio pronunciation and variety of sample sentences.

English-English or English-Turkish?

It may be helpful for people at the beginner and elementary levels to use an English-Turkish dictionary to increase their vocabulary. For other levels, the English - English dictionary can be efficient.

Studying a dictionary is a fun activity. However, trying to memorize random words by opening a dictionary in order to learn more words is one of the most useless and useless jobs in the world.


-You should know how to take advantage of online dictionaries.

– If you are not at A1 or A2 level, you should prefer an English-English dictionary.

– If necessary, you should use different online dictionaries together.

– When using a dictionary, you should also use reverse checksum.

– You should not try to memorize words from dictionaries in an unsystematic way.

– You should analyze the example sentences well.

– You should learn not all the meanings of the words, but the ones that are suitable for your level.

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