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Interesting English Idioms

Although some idioms in English are used in a similar sense as in Turkish, most of them have their own usage and can remain quite interesting and abstract when fully translated. Here are some of these idioms;

A Smart Cookie

This idiom, which sounds rather odd with its translation of “a smart cookie,” is used to describe someone being smart and alert.

Take a Chill Pill

“Chill Pill” is an idiom that has become a common usage after the 90s; It is said to someone in a situation where they need to calm down, relax.

Going Cold Turkey

We use this idiom when we are trying to quit a harmful habit all of a sudden, without any preparation.

Under the Weather

“Under the weather” is a phrase we use when we feel sick and unwell. This idiom is claimed to have been popularized by sailors in the 1800s.

Once in a Blue Moon

The exact equivalent of this idiom in Turkish means "once a month a year". Its full English translation is “Once in a blue moon”.

Have a Sweet Tooth

This usage, which literally means "to have a sweet tooth", is actually used to express a fondness for sweets.

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