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How About Talking About Movies?

There are so many interesting movies that have been shot so far that it is possible to talk about them for hours. Movies are often adapted from books. This is a matter of debate in itself: Which was better; book or movie?

E.g; One of my favorite movies, the famous One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest directed by Milos Forman, is actually an adaptation of Ken Kesey's novel of the same name. And it's a little difficult to decide whether the book or the movie is better for this piece. So what is your favorite movie? Can you speak English about this movie? If you can speak, awesome!

But if you don't know exactly what to say in situations like these, this article is for you. Now we will learn words and phrases that will help you when talking about movies in English.

Let's start by learning about the movie genres:

  • Romantic comedy (romcom): romantic comedy

  • Science-fiction (sci-fi): science fiction

  • Horror (scary movie): horror

  • Documentary: documentary

  • Animated movie (animation): animation

  • Action / thriller: action / thriller

  • drama: drama

  • comedy

  • adventure: adventure

Sometimes different genres combine to form a movie genre, and when that happens, it's not easy to tell exactly which genre the movie belongs to. Instead, we could say, for example, a drama with action elements.

How was the movie?

This is the question we ask our friends as we leave the movie theater.

Below you can find the different types of answers to this question:

It was heart-warming and a total laugh riot.*

*so funny

The special effects were breath-taking. (The special effects were breathtaking.)

It made my blood run cold. (It made my blood run cold.)

It gave me food for thought.*

*Give material to think about.

The plot was intriguing. (The plot was interesting.)

If you don't like the movie or don't think it's interesting, you can use the following expressions:

The movie was extremely bad/boring. (The movie was very bad/boring.)

It was like watching the grass grow.*

* If we translate the letter to the letter; “It was like watching the grass grow.”

It was like watching paint dry.*

* If we translate the letter to the letter; “It was like watching the paint dry on the wall.”

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